E-mail through Microsoft Exchange

Use Outlook to Access, Sync and Share E-mail, Schedules, Contacts and Tasks.

Microsoft Exchange, the latest in business-class e-mail management and collaboration from Microsoft, is the simple way to manage e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks from anywhere, anytime.

With Microsoft Exchange you can...
  • View your e-mail, contacts and schedule from any location
  • Use your PDA to sync your e-mail, contacts and schedule
  • Share e-mails, contact info and schedules with clients and employees
  • Get free desktop licenses to load on any computer you use
Buy Exchange Basic: 5GB  mailboxes
Single Mailbox
5 GB mailboxes
Buy Exchange Plus: 10G MB mailboxes
Single Mailbox
10 GB mailboxes
Buy Exchange Preimum: 25 GB mailboxes
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25 GB mailboxes

Is Microsoft Exchange right for you?

Yes, if you want to access your e-mail, to-do list, schedule or contacts when ...
  • You use more than one computer regularly
  • You're on the road and need to keep up with e-mail, schedules, your clients—or your kids!
  • You share folders, contacts, tasks/to-do lists or your schedule with other people

Microsoft Exchange provides you with advanced features for managing e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks. It allows full use of the collaboration features of Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to share information securely among your Microsoft Exchange users.
  • Global address book and contact manager: Provide secure, centralized access to key contact information.
  • Public folders/file sharing: Easily post and share documents and e-mail messages in a central location.
  • Group calendar for scheduling: Maintain calendars and check the availability of other Exchange users, conference rooms and resources to schedule meetings.
  • management: Assign tasks to yourself and others.

Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access your whole mailbox--not just your inbox or e-mail folders--from:
  • Home and work, you'll have unlimited Outlook desktop licenses.
  • Any Web Browser, you'll access Outlook online through Microsoft Exchange from any computer.
  • Mobile devices, access Outlook when you're on the go.

Get More Done

Be more productive via:
  • Calendar sharing: Collaborative scheduling allows you to easily sync with others.
  • Public Folders: Department, team, project or customer folders can have their own calendars, contacts, e-mails and files, all accessible by anyone in your network via Outlook or any Web browser.

Stop Worrying

Up to 70% of business data resides in e-mail. Temporary or permanent loss of e-mail means lost orders, productivity, customers, revenue—and a likely loss of hair! Exchange Hosting offers:
  • Daily backups, close server monitoring and regular integrity testing
  • Remote storage: Mailboxes can easily be recreated on a new PC. You won't lose Outlook data if your hard drive crashes.
  • Server maintenance: We take care of all security patches and routine maintenance to ensure uptime. Intensive, continuous monitoring allows for quick issue detection and fixes--before you notice a problem!


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